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    Mateus William

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    do porn movies have blooper reels because that is something i want to see

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    you see this? this is an image of a 4 week old, aborted baby. THIS is what you are killing, when you decide to ahve an abbortion. nothing can reciprocate the monstrosity of the action you are taking when you decide to abort this wonderful, living being

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    Rest in Peace, sir.  At the very least, we know that in the afterlife, you’re facepalming and laughing as you tell yourself, “I can’t believe those were my last tweets.”

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    My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!


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    i wanna audition for all the ugly roles in movies because if you get the part youre in a movie which is cool but if you don’t get the part it means that you’re not ugly enough for it which is also cool

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